Product information

μTRON Keyboard

Body-friendly easy-to-use μTRON keyboard

You can use this symmetric right-left split type keyboard in your comfortable position. As a main feature of this keyboard, you can tilt it to right and left as you can tilt an ordinary keyboard toward you. It is designed based on the achievements in occupational medicine to ease muscle tension to prevent cervico-omo-brachial disorder such as stiff shoulders, tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome as much as possible. To design this keyboard, we measured the hand size of 150 Japanese males and females aged 20 to 60, and the range where it is easy for them to move their fingers, and analyzed their key input operation for Japanese text with up to 1.6 million characters. Based on these, we have developed the unique form and ideal key layout "TRON layout" which is different from JIS layout.
Topre's non-contact electrostatic capacitance key switch which offers high durability and good key feel for a business or high-grade keyboard is used instead of generally often-used membrane type. As a key layout, JIS layout (QWERTY type) can be used as well as TRON layout.

Body-friendly ergonomics keyboard


  • Right-left split type. The split parts can be placed to fit your body.
  • The key layout is symmetric to fit hand shape. (*1)
  • Often used keys such as [Enter], [Shift], [Backspace] and [tab] are assigned to forefinger and thumb instead of little finger. (*1)
  • Can be adjusted to the tilt forward 10 degrees + to right and left 10 degrees to ease muscle tension.
  • Topre's high reliable non-contact electrostatic capacitance key switch is used. Key feel is good when you type.
  • Can be switched between JIS layout (QWERTY layout) and TRON layout (DVORAK layout). (*2)
  • Can be used as a standard USB 109 keyboard. (*3)

    (*1) As the key layout of this keyboard is different from that of the generally used keyboard, it may take time to get used to it.
    (*2) A dedicated driver needs to be installed to use TRON layout. However, the driver for Windows is not available yet.
    (*3) Windows keys are not available. The marking is JIS layout.


Number of keys
Character layout
JIS (QWERTY) layout, TRON (DVORAK) layout
JIS (QWERTY) layout
Forward 6 degrees/forward 10 degrees/forward 10 degrees + to right and left 10 degrees
Key shape
Cylindrical step sculpture and special shape
Key switch
Non-contact electrostatic capacitance type
Key pitch
17 mm
4 mm
Key depression force
45 g (0.441N)
Form factor
One side of the unit / width: 161.5 mm x depth: 141.2 mm x height: 42.5 mm (maximum height when the legs are folded.)
Weight of the main part
720 g
USB (Mini-B female) [1.8 m cable with USB-A male connector is included.]
Firmware update function

Operating conditions


PC with USB terminal (Windows PC, PC/AT compatible, DOS/V machine)

OS, Software

Use with JIS layout (QWERTY):
Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows2000
It has been tested with Chokanji V (*) and Chokanji 4(*).

Use with TRON layout (DVORAK):
Chokanji V (*), Chokanji 4 (*)
A dedicated driver needs to be installed.
Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, and Windows 2000 SP4 will be supported with download service of a new driver for free at a later date. The use may be limited depending on IME such as MS-IME and ATOK.

(*) Chokanji V and Chokanji 4 (Products of Personal Media Corporation)

Product configuration

  • Main unit of the keyboard
  • USB cable (1.8 m)
  • "μTRON keyboard instruction manual [Basic]" (manual)
  • CD-ROM (Driver software and instruction manual [Advanced] are included.)
  • μTRON keyboard trainer (paper keyboard with TRON layout)
  • μTRON keyboard trainer paper stand

    Dedicated palm rest is sold separately. For details, please see below.

How to buy

Price: μTRON keyboard 52,500 yen (excluding tax: 50,000 yen)

This keyboard is now sold by our affiliated sales agent. For details, please see Personal Media Corporation.

Palm rest for μTRON keyboard (sold separately)


  • Size to fit when the keyboard is tilted forward 10 degrees + to right and left 10 degrees(*)
  • The low resilient cushion disperses force.
  • As the cover made of high-function fiber evaporates sweat quickly, you can use the keyboard without feeling the sticky palm rest.

    (*) Use a low palm rest when the keyboard is tilted forward six degrees or 10 degrees angle.

How to buy

Price: Palm rest for μTRON keyboard 9,450 yen (excluding tax: 9,000 yen)

This palm rest is now sold by our affiliated sales agent. For details, please see Personal Media Corporation.