2013.10.22 ニュース UCT launches global sales of uT-Kernel via Avnet’s Embedded Software Store
2012.09.04 プレスリリース Optimized Port of micro-T-Kernel RTOS Now Available for Tensilica's DPUs
2012.06.21 製品

μT-Kernel tuned for RX62N-CubeSuite+ which supports C/C++ compiler package (CubeSuite+ version) for RX family from Renesas Electronics Corporation is released.
This product will be used as the training material for ”Introductory course: μT-Kernel on RX family,” a real-time OS seminar to be held at Renesas Electronics. (This seminar will be held at the Tokyo venue from Thursday, August 23 to Friday, August 24)

2012.06.19 ニュース “ARM Cortex-M4 μT-Kernel Practice Course for Kinetis,” a seminar using UCT μT-Kernel will be held from Tuesday, July 17 to Wednesday, July 18. The venue is Andor System Support Co., Ltd., one of the training centers certified by ARM.
2012.06.15 ニュース A collaboration seminar on “Kinetis,” Freescale MCU based on ARM Cortex-M4 andμT-Kernel was held on Tuesday, June 12. Thank you for your participation.
2012.05.07 製品

A special package of IDE (compiler, debugger), evaluation board, simple JTAG-ICE, RTOS (μT-Kernel) from Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation, middleware (USB file system) from TEPCO UQUEST, etc. based on KEIL development environment from ARM is now on sale from Sophia Systems Co., Ltd.

2012.04.28 ニュース "ARM Cortex-M Microcomputer Workshop 2012 Organized by CQ Publishing Co., Ltd." on Friday, May 25
A seminar, "How to implement μT-Kernel on Cortex-M3 Microcomputer, and application examples ofμT-Kernel" will be held in the technical session during the workshop.
2012.03.30 メディア An article on UCT μT-Kernel is in APS (ARM PARTNERS SUCCESS).
Five people can win STM32F2 evaluation board and UCT μT-Kernel Devkit!
2012.03.01 プレスリリース kokosil Ginza Photo Contest 2012 has started.
2012.02.20 製品 Tweeting Sensor website has opened.
2012.02.27 ニュース We have been registered as an alliance partner of Renesas Electronics.
2011.12.13 製品 kokosil Ginza application for Android is distributed now.
ニュース Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project in Ginza has started.
2011.12.12 プレスリリース ”Tweeting Sensor”to let you check information such as temperature, and humidity on Twitter is released.
ニュース Introduction of the UCT booth at TRONSHOW2012
プレスリリース An expansion of the lineup of “UCT μT-Kernel DevKit tuned series,” which is the μT-Kernel tuned to the latest MCUs from several manufacturers is announced.
プレスリリース Android mobile terminal “UC110” for business use supporting NFC tag is released.
2011.10.21 製品 UCT μT-Kernel DevKit tuned for RX62N is added.
2011.08.31 製品 The FAQ and product support registration of UCTμT-Kernel are added.
2011.08.26 ニュース UCT exhibited at Freescale Technology Forum Japan 2011, and demonstrated UCT μT-Kernel there.
2011.05.24 製品 The product information of RFID multi-protocol multi-frequency reader solution is posted.
2011.05.10 プレスリリース ”UCT μT-Kernel DevKit tuned for Kinetis” tuned to ARM® Cortex-M4 MCU Kinetis family is released.
製品 The product information of UCT μT-Kernel DevKit tuned for Kinetis is posted.
2011.03.25 ニュース “kokosil for Rolling Blackouts” application for Android is released.
ニュース “kokosil Ginza” application for Android is released.
2011.03.24 ニュース kokosil Ginza Photo Contest is extended until April 30.
2011.03.01 プレスリリース kokosil Ginza Photo Contest has started.
2010.12.08 プレスリリース The world’s first! Mass production of one-chip RFID readre/writer LSI which can be embedded in smartphone and supports multiple frequencies has started.
2010.11.19 ニュース UCT participated in the public experiment for Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project.
2010.09.03 ニュース The service using signage terminals for customers and visitors has started in LaLaport KASHIWANOHA.
2010.04.22 ニュース The RF anechoic chamber rental service has started.
2010.01.23 プレスリリース Ubiquitou Garden Guidance System has been developed for Hama-rikyū Gardens.
2009.12.07 プレスリリース Ubiquitous Venue Guide System using ucode tag and digital signage will be operated at TRONSHOW2010.
プレスリリース An information viewer to obtain information by reading a flashing badge will be exhibited at TRONSHOW2010.
プレスリリース TRON Smart House Ver. 3, “u-home” has been completed in front of Taipei station.