Product introduction

Checking temperature and humidity on Twitter

Tweeting Sensor tweets sensor information such as temperature and humidity on a regular basis. You can check the information from anywhere using smartphones, mobile phones that support Twitter, PC, etc.

Emergency tweet to detect problems immediately

Emergency tweets can be posted when the preset conditions are met such as temperature above a preset value or humidity below a preset value. As the intervals of emergency tweets can be independent of the regular tweet intervals, you can frequently check the rapid changes of environment.

Connecting to more sensors

With Tweeting Sensor, more sensors can be added wirelessly. Information from multiple sensors can be collected on Twitter. These sensors include wireless sensors which measure temperature, humidity and illuminance, radiation dosimeter interface unit (*1) which can connect radiation dosimeters to measure radiation dose in the environment, etc.

Making your tweets public to share information

Keeping tweets from Tweeting Sensor private permits only your private use or views by your family only. If you want to share the tweets with many people, they can be published.

Many applications

Checks the temperature and humidity of wine cellars
Checks the temperature of rooms for your pet while you are out
Prevents the aged and children from catching the flu by keeping the humidity high in their rooms
Publishes the information on environmental radiation dose for safety

Starting with basic unit

When you first use Tweeting Sensor, start with basic unit [TB-TH-001] which comes with a temperature sensor and humidity sensor. Connect the basic unit to the Internet to start using the Sensor with simple setting.



Connecting to more sensors

If more sensors are required, up to 10 devices can be connected wirelessly to the basic unit. In this case, the basic unit operates as a parent device for these child devices. Wireless sensor, a type of the wireless devices, comes with sensors for temperature, humidity and illuminance, and can operate with three size AA batteries for about a year.



Repeater to extend the communication distance

If longer wireless communication distance is required between the basic unit and devices, it can be extended by a repeater.



For constant observation of radiation dose

Radiation dose can be constantly observed by sending the radiation dose to the basic unit wirelessly and posting the radiation dose on Twitter on a regular basis after commercial radiation dosimeter (*2) and the radiation dosimeter interface unit of" Tweeting Sensor" are connected.


(*1) Sensor interface unit is soon-to-be-released. It needs to be connected to a certain model of radiation dosimeter.
(*2) The radiation dosimeter interface unit of "Tweeting Sensor" does not come with a radiation dosimeter.